• I’ll Meet You At The Lost And Found is unlike many other self-awareness guides in that it is fun and poppy, with very quotable and quick chapters that are aimed at taming the ego-mind, being conscious of your reality, and feeling unconditionally content – Cygnus Books
  • I would recommend this blessed find to new seekers and jaded old seekers (that’s me) alike, basically anyone that wants to grow and also bust a gut in the process. This miracle from God has completely made it into my spiritual toolbox forever – Riki Frahmann, mysticlivingtoday.com
  • The author has an easy to read writing style. I read the book in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. I cannot say that about many books. I was able to see myself in Max and now can see things I need to change in my life. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to improve their view of life – Dawn B. Thomas, Amazon
  • Illuminating guidance that invites us to develop high vibrational frequency states of being. In an eloquent way, Sam Glory exposes us the importance of moving towards our inner self to listen to our heart to express unconditional love, since many of the problems arise from impulses, needs and motivations based on ego fragmentation
    Roger Reancont, Amazon 
  • I absolutely loved this book, it speaks my language, is down to earth and offers worthwhile exercises which the beginner or less experienced spiritual amongst us should find very helpful. It gave my hopes and my fears validation, showed I am not alone and signposted the correct paths to take.
    Found it so useful I immediately ordered my son, who has issues with self-love, a hard copy – A. Rogers, Amazon
  • This book is the meat and potatoes of why all our outer quests for happiness are short lived. This book is important on many levels. It helped me understand a lot about how my Ego sabotages my life, what self love is all about, how our soul (core of who we are) has been neglected and needs more care than we give it – Heather Dannewitz, Amazon
  • I enjoyed this book so much. The author has a conversational style. I couldn’t put it down. I will reread almost like a daily affirmation as the chapters , although part of a progression, could stand on their own too. wonderful book. Thank you – Colette Brown
  • Loved the book, being an empath myself found this one of those enlightening books which takes you to a heightened state of self awareness, it has exercises to help light workers navigate  them through their spiritual journey where you attain contentment. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A MUST READ BOOK – Pam Thomas, Netgalley
  • This is a wonderful book. I really enjoyed reading this. I found it very insightful and learned a lot from reading this. I will definitely recommend –  Jessyca Ouye, NetGalley
  • I found Sam’s book an interesting read, the mix of psychology and spiritual sprinkled in with a new way of looking at techniques that could help many people actualize themselves. As always I enjoy when a writer will share exercises to help the reader take the words and make it actionable and owned by the reader – Ken O, NetGalley
  • I’ll Meet You at The Lost and Found’ by Sam Glory is a guide on how to live an awakened life. This is a wonderful book. I really enjoyed reading this. I found it very insightful and learned a lot from reading this. I will definitely recommend – Melanie L, NetGalley
  • I would recommend for those who are in the midst of an awakening, and for those who are seeking purpose and meaning in their lives – Tanja Flanjak, NetGalley
  • For anyone new to their spiritual and awakening journey it’s an excellent starting place and if like me, the journey has already started it’s a fantastic reminder on stopping and taking stock – Kirsty W., NetGalley